Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Beauty Tips for March

Beauty Tips from Crave Beauty (click to purchase at Crave Beauty)

Things I know for sure - 1) Lip Gloss can change your life, 2) stay tuned, I have to think about that.

These beauty tips have been gathered over a lifetime of excessive and relentless product use, and much discussion with like minded friends and customers.

Obviously we stock what we love for the most part, but this list contains products that we do not stock. Links to these products have been provided where possible.

Watch this space for additions to these tips, as always at Crave, we wish you glossy lips….

Peeling nails have tried to ruin my life; I can honestly say that Essie Sensitivity Base Coat has saved it! I have gone from 3 self-induced manicures a week to only 1. I now remain chip free for the week, as my nails are smooth and healthy again.

Chipping Polish! If you find you have smooth nails but your nail polish still chips the day after you put it on, my tip would be to ditch the fast-drying top coats. Use a spray or a drop, such as CND Solar Spray, or Essie Quick-e. This is a dirty little secret if you ask me, these products dry just as fast or faster, and do not cause unnecessary chipping.

Liquid Liner, I love the look of this – on others! I have seen people apply liquid liner perfectly, sans mirror! But this is not a skill in my repertoire. I give full credit to Carmandie on What Not to Wear for this tip, it works for me. For more control in applying liquid liner, try applying with an old liner brush, preferably made of man made fibers, (see below). Just dip the brush in the liquid and press into your lash line. Voila! We suggest the Alison Raffaele Wed/Dry eyeliner brush - make sure to wipe clean.

Takelon Brushes, Liquid or Cream makeup such as concealer or liquid foundation should only be applied using a brush with man made fibers. Liquids will ruin natural bristle brushes, plus man made fibers are easier to clean and cruelty free. Try Alison Raffaele's new line of Takelon fiber brushes, the concealer brush duo set is fantastic, as is the brand new foundation brush.

The Beauty Blender, when I first saw this product I thought it was a big rip-off. After all why should a pink, egg shaped bit of foam cost over $20. Then I tried it and I'll be darned if it is not a magic pink egg shaped bit of foam. It blends perfectly and effortlessly and is easy to clean with soap and water.

Revitalash, this is my latest, dearest to my heart product that I would grab on my way out the door if the house was burning. This is a liquid "cosmeceutical" that actually makes your lashes grow thicker and longer. Applied to the lash line once daily it is easy to use and converted my stubby little lashes into something approaching a fringe. Horrendously expensive it is, but it works – for me anyway. I saw results in just over a week, 3 weeks is the average for results. My goal is to knock people over when I blink, I will let you know when that happens.

Transparent Finish by Alison Raffaele, this has made a believer out of me. It is a wonder powder that sets any liquid makeup products. Use it to set concealer, foundation, cream eye-shadow, lipstick or even use it to powder your eyelashes before mascara, your eyelashes will appear thicker and longer.

Blinc Kiss Me products really should get an award for their innovative products. Talk about re-inventing the wheel! The Kiss Me Mascara is totally different from all others on the market; each lash is coated in a teeny tiny tube, not coated as in traditional mascara's. These tubes slide right off into your hands with water and pressure. This is the only removal method that will work; Kiss Me Mascara is smudge proof, sob-fest proof, sleep proof, and fiber under the contact lens ouch proof. We must post a warning though, when these tubes do slide off they look suspiciously like your lashes, at this point there tends to be a bit of screaming and running to the mirror to ensure your lashes are still there.

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